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The Bitcoin Sentikator Index (BSI) - Emotion in Bitcoin

Investors’ mood such as greed and fear, optimism and anxiety and calmness and unrest drive prices on financial markets. This applies particularly to bitcoin (BTC), the aspiring internet commodity. BTC is fairly new and information on bitcoin is disseminated through various channels on the internet such as Twitter, IRC, Facebook, online blogs and others. With the help of the Sentikator, a scientific computer linguistic engine, it is possible to collect all the buzz about bitcoin and to extract the emotional undertone behind every message.

The Bitcoin Sentikator Index aggregates all these emotions and reflects the prevailing mood investors have towards bitcoin. If more positive emotions are associated with bitcoin the BSI will rise. If feelings towards bitcoin are mainly negative the BSI declines.

Unique insights into the bitcoin market

Obtain the Bitcoin Sentikator Index to enjoy all of these advantages and use the BSI in these fields of application:

Real-time sentiment - as the Bitcoin Sentikator Index is disseminated in real-time you will always know how the majority of investors feel towards bitcoin.

Risk monitoring - enhance your trading significantly using the Bitcoin Sentikator Index as an early-warning system identifying an overheated bitcoin market earlier than other market participants.

Opinion mining - the Bitcoin Sentikator Index allows you to develop a deeper understanding of the bitcoin market as we collect opinions all over the world in several different languages.

Event trading - trade based on news as done successfully by traders, quants, hedge funds and asset managers who were the firsts to use our services.

Trading strategies - explore the next frontier and create predictive and profitable trading strategies as we allow our raw data to be used for proprietary models.

Media coverage - spice up your news coverage on bitcoin with exclusive data and unique insights only few other people have.

Subscribe to index data

You can subscribe to the BSI and profit from unique Bitcoin sentiment data. If you have further questions you can call (+49-208-37779899) or e-mail us today for more information on the Bitcoin Sentikator Index.